Тёмная сторона силы
Обморок. Занавес. (с)
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Из беседы с психиатром:
She stammers. 'A few more questions - and these may seem a bit silly - '
Oh god.
'Do you ever hear or see things that other people don't? And they don't believe you if you tell them?'
Sherlock smirks. 'I observe things that others don't - all the time. I do quite well from it, being a consulting detective.'
'Right, okay. Do you find it difficult to explain things to other people?'
'Well, yes, Liz, when they're idiots.'
'Do you feel you have any...unusual abilities? Things other people might be jealous of?'
'Two, actually; the ability to not end phrases with prepositions, and the ability to notice things. Most people aren't particularly jealous of those.'
'Do you feel anyone might be trying to hurt you in some way?'
He laughs darkly. 'It would probably be quicker to list the people who aren't trying to hurt me. There were three attempts on my life from European crime syndicates in the last three months alone.'
Dr. Hannay clips her pen to her lanyard. 'Okay, Sherlock, thanks. John, can I speak to you privately for a minute?'
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